Pricing begins at .60 per square foot of floor space with volume discounts available.

Commercial Scale Application

Why Should It Be Applied?

Nanonation protects your workspace longer and more effectively than other disinfection methods.

Our cleaning agents are proven to provide lasting protection for as long as 90 days. This is far more effective than any DIY cleaning agent on the market, providing a proven, lasting cleaning solution in commercial and industrial settings across Canada.

Time to Disinfect

The Nanonation application process requires a fraction of the time needed to disinfect by hand. Save time disinfecting and increase employee productivity.

Length of Disinfection Time

Our competitors have to disinfect daily, weekly, or monthly to match what Nanonation Canada accomplishes in one application that lasts 70-90 days.

Fast, Scalable, and Affordable

Versatile, safe and effective, our products can be applied in medical, commercial, industrial, institutional and home settings.

Where Can It Be Applied?

The Nanonation Canada’s Electrostatic System (ESS) application technique uses an industrial scale delivery unit that can efficiently apply the Nano-coating to large commercial and industrial spaces, such as:

The Application Process

Our commercial scale application process uses a combination of products to create a molecular level coating that eliminates the growth of viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria, fungi, and molds on hard and soft surfaces.
Deep Cleans

A multi-spectrum 99.9999% effective hospital grade, food surface safe disinfectant, the first step is deep cleaning all surfaces.


Utilizing a unique electrostatic process, Nanonation Canada disinfects your facility. Our product is approved for use by Health Canada.


Our disinfectant solution is what separates us from the rest! It is our surface treatment solution that inhibits bacteria growth on textiles.

nnapplication process

Why Nanonation?


We have full authorization by Health Canada to provide our expertise and disinfection services across Canada.


Products that are rated “food grade.” Our products have been proven to be non-toxic to humans and animals, and have undergone full U.S. EPA approval.


Products that are rated 98% effective against COVID, H1N1, MERS, SARS and a host of highly resistant bacteria, molds, and fungi.


A product that can also be sprayed in a format that creates a lethal barrier to pathogens and remains effective for up to 90 days greatly reducing the frequency of deep cleaning.


Hear from our happy customers who love Nanonation Canada

"Canadians have had a difficult time these past 2 years managing through the pandemic. As a result, new concerns about environmental management of bacteria and viruses have become a real concern. Nanonation specializes in living and work environment cleaning and prevention. Their 3-step process uses deep cleaning followed by a disinfecting process, followed by a long-lasting protective coating that works to kill microorganisms. The 3-month special protective coating uses Nano technology to create a hostile environment that is designed to literally shred both bacteria and viruses as they fall on the treated surfaces, yet is safe to humans, and approved by Health Canada."
Dr. Blair Lamb - Canadian Medical Doctor and Chief Medical Officer of VoiceHealth