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Making a clean sweep of viruses and germs at home

With so many Canadians worried about the spread of a contagious virus, one Peterborough company is taking home cleaning products to the next level

A Peterborough, Ont.-based company has launched Bacoban, a hospital-grade line of cleaning products designed to help stop the spread of germs and disease in the home.

“COVID-19 was a wake-up call for the entire world that we really need to be aware of invisible threats to our way of life and our health,” says Dr. Maurizio Miglietta, a doctor of osteopathy in the U.S. and medical advisor to NanoNation Canada.

“While a major portion of COVID is airborne, we know that it can survive on various surfaces for hours or days at a time, depending on the surface,” says Dr. Miglietta, who recommends careful cleaning of high-touch surfaces in the home.

Bacoban’s cleaner and disinfectant spray and wipes kill 99.9 per cent of viruses, bacteria and fungi that land on surfaces, according to the company. The line is Health Canada-approved and is water-based, non-toxic and bio-safe. It works on any surface including plastic, ceramic, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, windows and electronics.

The disinfectant compounds in Bacoban have been used for many years in commercial markets such as airplanes and hospitals, according to Steve Daynes, general manager of NanoNation Canada. “Now the product has been formulated for consumers to use.”  After applying, the product dries within minutes to create a hygienic surface.

“Using a disinfectant like this is going to become part of the arsenal that helps protect your health … like getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, physically distancing and washing your hands,” says Dr. Miglietta. “This virus is not discriminating. It’s out in the world … so it’s also going to be in your home, car, supermarket and schools.”

He encourages everyone to be proactive about cleaning and disinfecting where they live and work. “I think we’re going to get a hold of it and it’s not going to overcome our lives like it has in the last year and a half. But just like the flu, we’re going to see that COVID is not going away. It is going to be a forever part of our culture at this point,” says Dr. Miglietta.

“Disinfecting surfaces you may touch is one piece of the puzzle that is going to help fight the pandemic,” he says.  “It’s also for peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to mitigate the potential spread and transmission of disease.”

Bacoban Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray and Bacoban Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes are available online for purchase with a flat-rate shipping fee to anywhere in Canada. Visit for more information.

NanoNation Canada: A good news story

NanoNation Canada is a 100 per cent Indigenous-owned company distributing Ontario-made products, “and we’re proud of our track record and our company,” says general manager Steve Daynes.

Established in 2020, the company’s newest business venture is selling the Bacoban line of cleaning and disinfecting products to consumers. NanoNation Canada has partnered with Voran Group Ventures to manufacture the products in nearby Lindsay, Ont.

NanoNation Canada also sells a persistent coating disinfectant product called Pathene in commercial settings. NanoNation Canada technicians apply the product in two stages: first a disinfectant and then a persistent protective coating that lasts up to three months on the surface.

NanoNation was contacted by a number of individuals who wanted to have a similar product for personal use, so NationNation partnered with Bacoban to provide a retail solution.

“NanoNation Canada is excited about its partnership with Bacoban and looks forward to providing Canadians with a non-toxic disinfecting solution that adds to the protection of each other,” says Daynes.