About Us

We are a 100% Indigenous-owned company engaged in patented long lasting disinfection services that are scalable and affordable.

Our Story

Nanonation is a 100% Indigenous-owned Canadian company that specializes in affordable and scalable antimicrobial disinfection services.

Our services are ideally suited for use in hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools, food processing plants, restaurants, and households – anywhere that viruses and bacteria may be.

While deadly to disease-causing microbes, Nanonation‘s disinfection products are non-toxic to humans and animals and are perfectly safe for use on all surfaces.

Approved by Health Canada, our solution kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi while leaving behind a protective hygienic surface that prevents the growth of bacteria, and viruses for 70 to 90 days.

Our Mission

To provide affordable, long-lasting, and scalable disinfection services that keep homes and workspaces safe from disease.

Our Vision

To be the most recognizable and trustable disinfection service provider in Canada that keeps spaces disinfected longer than the competition.

Three-Step Process

Our intensive 3-step process is designed to protect you against viruses and bacteria.

Deep Cleans

A multi-spectrum 99.9999% effective hospital grade, food surface safe disinfectant, the first step is deep cleaning all surfaces.


Our disinfectant solution is what separates us from the rest! It is our surface treatment solution that inhibits bacteria growth on textiles.


Our Pathene solution is what separates us from the rest! It is our persistent polymeric surface treatment that inhibits bacteria growth on textiles.


Hear from our happy customers who love Nanonation Canada

"Canadians have had a difficult time these past 2 years managing through the pandemic. As a result, new concerns about environmental management of bacteria and viruses have become a real concern. Nanonation specializes in living and work environment cleaning and prevention. Their 3-step process uses deep cleaning followed by a disinfecting process, followed by a long-lasting protective coating that works to kill microorganisms. The 3-month special protective coating uses Nano technology to create a hostile environment that is designed to literally shred both bacteria and viruses as they fall on the treated surfaces, yet is safe to humans, and approved by Health Canada."
Dr. Blair Lamb - Canadian Medical Doctor and Chief Medical Officer of VoiceHealth

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